Ranch History

Noack Herefords was established in 1921 by E.H. Noack. His sone Leon earned his animal science degree from Texas A&M in 1952, and he came home so full of great ideas, that E.H. decided to turn the ranch over to him. Leon spent countless hours studying pedigrees and collecting performance data, and was an early adopter of the Total Performance Registry Program. He focused on creating the ideal mama cow, improving birth weights, milking ability, and longevity. Leon spent time working as a meat grader, which taught him the value of consistently producing delicious, tender meat.

Today, we hold true to Grandad’s values by diligently collecting data, and focusing on maternal traits, while maintaining the excellent carcass merit he achieved years ago. We firmly believe that form follows function, and that the most functional cows will also be the most profitable. Our bull customers are mostly commercial, and while they may own anywhere from 12 to several thousand head, our bulls are bred to perform well in any business model, just as they are bred to perform in any environment.

Noack Herefords is comprised of 3 divisions that cooperate to sell 35 bulls, and 60 replacement females (30 registered Hereford, 30 golden certified F1s) annually from a herd of about 300 primarily Line 1 cows.